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taken from old online copy of Organisational patterns book - James Coplien, Neil Harrison. images might be even older.. if any

Summary Patlets

A patlet is a short summary of the problem and solution for a pattern. Patlets are often used as an aid to discovering patterns to solve a particular problem at hand. Here, we use the patlets as a way for you to find patterns you are looking for.

Project Management Patlets

These patlets point to patterns for initial organizational design. You can find the patterns in the section ProjectManagementPatternLanguage.

Piecemeal Growth Patlets

These patlets summarize patterns for the growth of an organization once it is up and running. You can find the patterns in the section PiecemealGrowthPatternLanguage.

Organizational Style Patlets

Good design lends a sense of style to anything we build. Each great organization has its own style. These patterns shape the "style" of an organization. Different organizational styles fit different needs, so these patterns provide a good foundation for tailoring an organization to your business and market. The patterns can be found in the section OrganizationalStylePatternLanguage.

People And Code Patlets

People and code are the two most important components of a software development organization. Customers wouldn't exist without code to sell to them, and code wouldn't exist without people. People write code, and the structure of code in turn affects how people organize. These patlets point to patterns that help an organization align the people and code structures properly. The patterns themselves can be found in the section PeopleAndCodePatternLanguage.

Patlets From Other Pattern Languages

This book has been a team effort, incorporating pattern material from many sources including works by Alistair Cockburn, Ward Cunningham, Steve Berczuk, and others. Sometimes we have included other patterns almost intact, and in other cases we have updated or edited the patterns to fit into the format or the context of the pattern languages in this book. For example, many of Alistair Cockburn's patterns have essentially the same content here as in their original publication, but have been radically reformatted from their original form for the sake of consistency.

Some patterns, while still relevant to the topic of organizational structure, didn't quite fit in the pattern languages here. That might be because they describe process instead of structure, or because they are idioms sensitive to particular situations, or because they are off-topic, or because they are proto-patterns awaiting broad substantiation. But we still refer to some of those patterns and we commend them to you as great reading.

Here, we provide patlets for those patterns to which we refer, but which didn't make it into the book. Because these are often quotes from others, they do not follow the patlet style we used in our own patlets. Some of the patlets come verbatim from Linda Rising's Pattern Almanac [BibRef-Rising2000]--which is a great source of other organizational pattern reference material.

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