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­Svilen Dobrev ... making software - for people, by people

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i've been making software for 34+ years, on 3 continents, as projects of all sizes and levels of impossibility. Seen many different terminals, languages, designs, projects, customers, teams, organisations and cultures, and have met even more different attitudes.

So i found that the more interesting and difficult part is.. the people, while the technicalities are somehow solvable. Software is just a limited, twisted way of communicating knowledge between people, through space and time - and it's people who cause anything. Making software is a game of cooperation, now vs future-and-past, exercise in correct thinking, with all the participants being translators - and Trust being the most important feature.

And i found i can successfully mediate between the extremes - western and eastern thinking, technical & applied, experts & newbies, gears & art, real & virtual.. And i put passion in my work and do care for it. i do trust people.. and thus weigh them. i work With, not For. i fight For, not Against. i do Work, not Time. Some toys go at github.com/svilendobrev.

i make (software) projects from ideas, people and software. Be it possible or not, regardless what has to change - software, organisation, people, or.. me. As Life is Change is Life..

Reality.. is very complex. Complexity is fought with structure. Structure, within knowledge, means languages - specific for the notion, domain, product, project, task, and even people. Shortage of people? No - only inefficiently storing human knowledge in primitive languages.

i make languages that talk the patterns of the task. And attitudes that empower people. So one can go on solving the real issues. i love idea-generating, nice software, mentoring, team making, steep changes, cultural diversity, organisational building, improvisation. i can help to efficiently make effective software, and tune the community and culture to allow for it.

So.. Hands-on software mentor, leader, advisor, “playing-trainer”, architect, CTO, hacker... programmer. Friend? Could be. There’s more about me, software and Life at www.svilendobrev.com. Or dare read the brisk intro...

An Impossible Dream project? What about?


Specialties and interests

Motto-s and favorite thoughts


CTO / Chief Architect - eCollect.org, remote/Varna, 2021-2024

CTO, mentor, team lead, architect, main coder - Resolve,Varna.bg + FleetPal, NJ.us, 2017-2021

software expert and methodologist, leader of software group .bg - ZMDI / IDT Varna, 2014-2017

mentor, coach, analyzer – python, teamwork, organisation – Strypes.eu, Sofia, 2014/contract

python team mentor – Ericsson software campus, Athlone, Ireland, 2013/contract

architect-maker - distributed personal places+discussion platform - messaging via couchdb. 2012-2013 Varna-Tokyo

...dreaming - a software house-school, for making real projects and learning by doing so - and other way around. 2012 Varna

senior pythonista, someones.com, Melbourne, Australia, 2012 (short contract)

hands-on CTO/ Dev-Lead/ architect/ all-thats-needed, Woosha.it; 2010-2012 - risk-it-all startup, Amsterdam+Varna

mercenary senior dev at Wyplay.com, Marseille, France; 2009 ( short contract)

owner, Svilen Dobrev Consulting; 2008-... - advisor, methodologist, architect, programmer

linuxteam leader, SIStechnology.com, Varna; 2003-2008 – team-lead, architect, methodologist, manager, mentor, programmer

senior s oftware engineer, Vintech, Varna, Bulgaria; 2002-2003

senior software analyst, Petrosys, Adelaide, Australia; 2000-2002 - small, fast company (geophysical maps)

tech lead/ test lead, Motorola, Adelaide, Australia; 1999-2000 - EDA - multi-cultural env in huge global corp...

software engineer/consultant, Vintech, Varna, Bulgaria; 1997-1998 - small company in a narrow, chaotic market

sysadmin/ software+accounting analyst, Biochim Bank; 1995-97 - strategical midsize branch of a big state bank

lead programmer, Inmeco & Navel, Varna; 1992-1994 - small international companies, naval & military stuff

publisher+programmer, 1991-93 – many books, papers, cards, art and:

partner, Specialized Intelligent Systems, Varna 1990-92

in university..

in school ..


Technical university Varna (VMEI), 1986-1990

Mathematical High college - Varna (2 MG), 1983-1986

Some community projects


e-mail: az()svilendobrev _ com

my site: www.svilendobrev.com

work, software, and me: svilendobrev.com/rabota

code, toys and projects: svilendobrev.com/rabota/mysoft.html ; github.com/svilendobrev

cv-biography-resume: svilendobrev.com/rabota/cv - printable-pdf - brisk intro -- linkedin.com/in/svilendobrev

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